Business Services Strategic Plan – FY18 – FY20

Five Strategies

1. Improve Campus Life

Summary: Engage with key campus partners (students, faculty, & staff) to deliver UW-Madison’s expectations for a diverse, inclusive, safe and respectful campus to enable students and all members of the university community to achieve their full potential in learning, working and living.


  • Develop and implement a strategy for reinforcing the physical safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors in both research and other facilities
  • Expand and strengthen campus-wide wellness initiative, building on UWell and efforts to ensure a safe and inclusive campus environment
  • Engage campus leadership and governance in a robust discussion about protests, free speech, and our shared values to guide campus responses
  • Expand the focus of the student employment initiative, WiGrow, to include enhanced employee recruitment and retention

Division Goals

  1. Develop a formal comprehensive written return to work program that will be applied consistently campus-wide. Implementation plan developed. Submit program for campus approval with cost benefit presentation. Upon campus approval implement RTW program and monitor towards continuous improvement of plan. (Risk Management)
  2. Develop wellness program for the Division of Business Services employees. (CMCT, Risk Management)
  3. Build a Learning Community within Business Services in collaboration with the Learning Communities of Institution Change and Excellence (LCICE). (CMCT)

2. Be a Best Place to Work

Summary: Develop culture that positions employees to excel in their current position and achieve career aspirations while delivering the core missions of the institution. Expand competitiveness in marketplace to build and retain a highly competent and diverse workforce.

VCFA Plans/Timeline

  • Complete and begin to implement the recommendations that emerge from our Title and Total Compensation study
  • Investing in our workforce, enhancing professional development focusing on skill-building and preparing staff for future needs/advancement
  • Expand Engagement, Inclusion, & Diversity culture of accountability by providing clear expectations, training, programs, resources and feedback about E.I.D. principles to all prospective and current employees

Division Goals

  • Enhance professional development tools for the Division, career pathing opportunities, and synchronous training modules, e.g. Gov Acctg and establish financial communities of practice. (CMCT, Office of Human Resources, VCFA Office)
  • Create an accessible Division of Business Services storyline to communicate and promote the Division’s services offered to the campus community such as compliance and support functions. (CMCT)

3. Enhance Financial Performance and Growth

Summary: Position UW-Madison for the next decade through growth and optimization of financial resources. Partner with external entities to drive increased flexibility while minimizing barriers/friction points within our control.

VCFA Plans/Timelines

  • Develop 5-year financial strategy and associated projection model to deliver substantial revenue growth to fund campus reinvestment needs
  • Implement appropriate policies and procedures to advance the financial internal controls project, improving controls and safeguarding assets
  • Develop & implement strategic sourcing project to save the campus substantial costs on purchased materials and services

Division Goals

  • Explore and develop workflow and approval framework through proposed software, BP Logix. Strengthen transaction security (increase tools available for journal entries and fund transfers – e.g. JET), reducing paper routing and/or request forms (e.g. proposed pilot of BP Logix for capital equipment with PeopleSoft Interface). (Accounting Services)
  • Explore and participate in the development of a centralized A/R billing tool in partnership with UWSA. (Accounting Services)
  • Utilize payment terms for discounts and provide campus with reporting tools. (Accounting Services)
  • Review and target improved procurement to payment processes, including, use of Shop@UW and Oracle PeopleSoft System (APPO). This review is intended to include and/or consider, system access security, requisitions, no contract payments requests, purchase orders, workflow and e-Commerce. (Accounting Services, Purchasing Services)
  • Develop plans for a strategic sourcing project to support VCFA level initiative identified on VCFA Plan for 2018-2020. This also includes a spend analytics database and the development of dashboard reporting. (Accounting Services, Purchasing Services)
  • Develop a process to coordinate internal transfers of UW-owned equipment (pre-surplus) – “Classified” listing of equipment for the UW. (Accounting Services, Purchasing Services)
  • Prepare and share with appropriate campus constituents financial statements and financial reporting capabilities. (Accounting Services)
  • Establish an internal control compliance function and develop review and monitoring tools to better support campus.

4. Ensure Service Excellence

Summary: Provide highly effective services while minimizing their impact on campus resources. Remove barriers to productivity in the educational and research missions by implementing improvement processes and tools.

VCFA Plans/Timelines

  • Conduct new process to review, prioritize, and implement the current inventory of process improvement efforts currently underway across Finance & Administration
  • Improve campus reporting tools and data management to provide reliable information to campus staff and leadership at all levels
  • Finalize and implement the VCFA IT Study team recommendations to improve service quality, reliability, and cost efficiency

Division Goals

  • Design, develop and initiate an improved Business Services website. (CMCT)
  • Develop a system for centralized student accounts for charges and payments by students (tuition, housing, segregated fees). (Accounting Services, Bursars, Housing)
  • Streamline the departmental payments/refunds to student process to ensure compliance with tax & FA requirements. (Accounting Services, Bursars)
  • Establish shared services for e-Reimbursement. (Accounting Services)

5. Campus Infrastructure and Investment

Summary: Optimize UW-Madison’s investments in physical and technology system assets to support our growth objectives while ensuring strong and effective financial controls as well as delivery of facility, infrastructure, and financial systems imperatives.

VCFA Plans/Timelines –

  • Support campus in the creation and delivery of a strategic sustainability plan
  • Improve FPM capital delivery and renovations processes to improve timeliness and service quality while reducing cost and deferred maintenance
  • Assess capacity for possible changes in enrollment considering implications, opportunities, and constraints across campus
  • Implement UW System’s modern campus budget system and develop a new, related budget process for annual divisional budget reviews

Division Goals

  • Develop and design dashboards, presenting key performance data in areas of risk management, for campus use. (Risk Management)
  • Eliminate duplication of services related to data warehouse and logistic operations. (Purchasing Services/MDS)