Conference or Training Reporting & Request Form

Effective January 25, 2018, the Division of Business Services has an electronic process for reporting, requesting, and approving costs for attendance at conferences, trainings, and events.

Prior to completing the form, it is imperative (no exceptions) that you first discuss with your supervisor and get verbal approval for attending the event. Then complete the form if directed to do so by the supervisor.

Conference or Training Reporting and Request Form

How the electronic form works

Step 1

Always discuss trainings/conferences/events with your supervisor first. If supervisor gives verbal approval for your attendance, then they will consider the following to determine if the new online form should be completed prior to registration:

  • Are there costs involved? (All trainings with costs require Steps 2, 3 and 4.)
  • Does supervisor/director want an email notice/reminder that you will be attending the event?
  • Does supervisor/director want your attendance documented in a professional development record that they can access?

If the supervisor answers “Yes” to any of the above three questions, then proceed to Step 2.

If the supervisor’s answer is “No” to all three above questions, then simply register. Completion of the online form is not necessary.

Step 2

Employee completes the request form:

  • If there is no cost involved, you will be instructed to register after providing basic information.
  • If there is cost involved, you will be asked to wait to register until you receive email approval(s).

Step 3

Supervisors/directors will be sent email notices for all trainings/conferences/events that have been logged on the form by their staff. Employees awaiting approval will be CC’d on all notices/approvals.

Step 4

Approvers will “reply all” to the request for approval emails. They will indicate one of the following:

  • “Approved, please register”
  • “Denied”
  • “I approve. Forwarding for further approval. AVC, will you please review and consider for approval?” (AVC should then be added to the list of recipients by the supervisor.)

After necessary approval(s) has/have been sent/received, employee should then register.

Email approvals required when cost is involved

$1.00 – $100.00        Department Director (approval process activated by completing the electronic form)
>$100.00                     Department Director and Associate Vice Chancellor (approval process activated by completing the electronic form)


  • For events involving costs, please explore available grant options and plan far enough in advance to take advantage of early registration discounts.
  • Paper forms are still be available for employees without computers. Supervisors can print/route them.