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Student Employment Initiative

WiGrow is an exciting new initiative that was rolled out in Fall 2013 to thousands of student employees working in divisions that report to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.  This includes the Division of Business Services (Accounting, Bursar’s Office, Internal Audit, Purchasing and Risk Management).

Our student employees often tell us that their work with us is a very important part of their time on campus, through which they learn skills such as time management and teamwork.  Regardless of the job you do, you’re learning and acquiring many valuable skills that future employers are looking for.  This program provides each student with an opportunity to grow and to recognize transferrable skills acquired in student employment that can be applied to any future endeavor.

The program consists of two 15-20 minute meetings per academic year between student and supervisor. Prior to the meetings, students have an opportunity to contemplate and answer five questions.  The questions are designed to get students thinking about skills future employers will want and how they are gaining and working on these skills by being an employee in the Division of Business Services.

For more information and resources, visit the WiGrow website.

WiGrow Conversation Dates

New student employees in Business Services have their first WiGrow conversation with their supervisor within their first 45 days of employment.  Following the first conversation, WiGrow conversations then typically occur during the months of April and October of each year.  Supervisors contact student employees to schedule these meetings.

Other WiGrow News

Since the program’s inception, the Division of Business Services has achieved 100% participation from students who have been working each Spring and Fall semester.  Our goal is to continue that level of participation.

A new challenge we’ve accepted beginning this semester is to conduct first conversations with new students within 45 days of their start date.  While we may not accomplish that goal immediately, the average number of days between start dates and first conversations will drop drastically.   Stay tuned – Fall WiGrow data will be posted here soon.