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The FAN Mail Program

How it Works

When you know a staff member is doing great work or going the extra mile, write them some FAN mail. You can submit FAN mail online or fill out a paper form by one of the FAN mail boards located here:

• Verona Operations, breakroom
• Bursar’s Office, breakroom
• 21 N Park St, 5th floor kitchen
• 21 N Park St, 6th floor Accounting copy room
• 21 N Park St, 6th floor Purchasing copy room

All FAN Mail recipients will be entered into a quarterly drawing for prizes.


Submit FAN Mail View FAN Mail for next drawing  View FAN Mail from past drawings

Quarterly Drawings

EID Committee members will schedule and host drawings to randomly select five prize winners each quarter.

    • Each person receiving FAN Mail will be entered into the drawing for that quarter.
    • There is no limit to the number of pieces of FAN mail a staff member can receive. If a person receives four pieces of FAN mail, s/he will be entered four times.
    • Staff members may only win one prize per quarter.
    • Prizes will be equal to or less than a value of $25.00.

Learn the history of the FAN Mail Program here.

Questions and requests for more information can be directed to EID Committee Members.


Business Services Leadership and EID Committee members believe effective recognition
Promotes communication
Enhances engagement and productivity
Reinforces organizational values and culture
Acknowledges noteworthy achievements
Improves retention of valued employees
Builds positive relationships
Strengthens self-esteem and self-confidence