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The FAN Mail Program

What happens with FAN Mail?

The FAN Mail you submit is forwarded to the intended recipient(s) with a cc to their supervisor(s), director(s) and Assistant Vice Chancellor. You will receive an email to confirm  your FAN Mail has been received and forwarded (if you provided your name). Your FAN Mail will also be included in a monthly flyer distributed to all Business Services employees and posted on the Business Services intranet.

All individuals and members of teams recognized with FAN Mail will be entered in the next FAN Mail drawing.

FAN Mail drawings

EID Committee members will host semiannual drawings to randomly select prize winners.

  • There is no limit to the number of FAN Mails a staff member can receive (as an individual or as part of a team). If a person receives four FAN Mails, they will be entered four times in the next drawing.
  • A staff member may only win one prize per drawing.
  • The number of prizes per drawing will be based on the number of entries in the pool.
    • 2-20 entries = 2 prizes; 21-40 entries = 3 prizes; 41-60 entries = 4 prizes
    • Another prize will be added each time the pool exceeds a multiple of 20 entries
  • Prizes will be equal to or less than a value of $25.

Learn about the history of the FAN Mail Program

Questions and requests for more information can be directed to EID Committee Members.

Successful organizations make recognition a priority!

Business Services Leadership and EID Committee members believe effective recognition:
• Promotes communication
• Enhances engagement and productivity
• Reinforces organizational values and culture
• Acknowledges noteworthy achievements
• Improves retention of valued employees
• Builds positive relationships
• Strengthens self-esteem and self-confidence