Mission and Departments

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Business Services is to support UW–Madison’s institutional responsibilities of higher education and research. The division accomplishes its mission through the delivery of essential business services to campus in the areas of accounting, purchasing, materials distribution and surplus, risk management, and student account, payment and loan services.

Functions of Departments

The division is organized into five major functional units: Accounting Services (Disbursement Services, Financial Information Management), Bursar’s Office, CMCT (Content Management, Communications, and Training), Financial Internal Control Advisory Services (FICAS), Purchasing Services and our Verona Operations (MDS, SWAP), and Risk Management/Worker’s Compensation.

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Accounting Services - Disbursement Services and Financial Information Management

Accounting Services is responsible for University-wide controllership and management of campus accounting functions. It influences, develops and implements financial policies and procedures for university-wide business processes for compliance with tax laws and other Federal and State regulations. Accounting Services is made of two departments: Disbursement Services and Financial Information Management.

Bursar's Office

The Bursar’s Office provides student account, cashiering and student loan services to customers while adhering to regulations of governing agencies and implementing financial procedures. The Bursar’s Office is also responsible for maintaining the Student Financial Module (SFS) of the Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) which manages student accounts, electronic billings, financial aid distribution, third party tuition and fee deferrals, and collection services for UW–Madison.

Office of Content & Change Management, Communication, Training & Facilities

The Content Management, Communications, and Training department provides building management, change management, event and training coordination, onboarding, strategic communication services, student employee recruitment and support, and website development and maintenance.

Financial Internal Control Advisory Services (FICAS)

Financial Internal Control Advisory Services (FICAS) is an independent objective advisory function designed to help sustain and improve systems of internal control over financial and related operational processes, develop systems of internal control that adapt to changing business processes and technology environments, help mitigate financial risk, and support sound decision-making and governance of financial and related operational processes.

Purchasing Services and Verona Operations (MDS, SWAP)

Purchasing Services provides expert purchasing knowledge for specific commodities and contracting techniques, performs the buying functions for campus, develops written policies and procedures, educates and trains customers and delegated agents, promotes vendor/university relationships, and maintains centralized contracting and inventory records to provide control over the procurement cycle.

Material Distribution Services (MDS) and Surplus With a Purpose (SWAP) are units within Purchasing Services and are collectively known as Verona Operations (based in Verona, WI).

  • MDS provides e-commerce ordering for purchasing contracts, storage and delivery services. MDS is a one-stop web source for office and work materials at the overall lowest cost for UW–Madison, other UW System campuses, and municipalities.
  • SWAP promotes the sale, reuse, and environmentally-friendly disposal of the State’s surplus property.

Risk Management/Worker's Compensation

Risk Management manages UW–Madison’s participation in the State of Wisconsin’s self-funded Worker’s Compensation, Property and Liability insurance programs. Additionally, the Office identifies, evaluates and controls loss exposure faced by the University. The International Safety and Security Director (ISSD) works closely with the International Division to support the safety and security of faculty, staff and students who travel internationally.