Business Services Transition to VoIP for Telephone Service


UW–Madison needs to replace its longstanding voice (telephone) services technologies known as Centrex, because AT&T is retiring this system soon and more updated technologies are now available.  After carefully considering vendor proposals, senior UW–Madison leadership selected the Cisco VoIP product.  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses a combination of the campus network, the global internet system, and traditional telephone company access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to place and receive local and long distance calls.  NOTE:  FAX numbers will not be transitioned at this time.

For more information about the phones including photos, descriptions and checklists when your phone is installed, you are encouraged to visit

The Division of Business Services transition to the use of VoIP for telephone service will be March 1st, with our first day of support by DoIT staff on March 2nd.  Because of the distinct telephone service contract arrangement MDS and SWAP will not be participating in this transition at this time. Approximately a week prior to our transition date, DoIT staff will arrive to set up the new phones, and setting up new cords, etc.  and for that time period you will have both phones on your desk. On the morning of March 2nd, you will be asked to place your old phones in SWAP bins located within our suites.

Telephone, Dialing and Voice Mail Information:

  1. The Division of Business Services has chosen telephone model 7841 to place on each desk with an active phone line.  If you would like to use a headset, a corded headset can be purchased separately.  You should work with your supervisor should this option be of interest to you.
  2. There are ISDN (multi line phones) in the Division which will be replaced with model 8851, due to the need for several lines and the ability to expand to several more, if needed in the future.
  3. All conference rooms phones will also be replaced with Cisco products.
  4. See the attached VoIP Desktop Phone Users Checklist for more information regarding set up of your new phone and voice mailboxes.
  5. Dialing patterns will also change with VoIP.   For example, for campus calls you must dial all 7 digits (262-1096) instead of just five (2-1096) as we’ve done with the Centrex system.

Should you have questions please inquire with Pam, your Unit Leader or me.

Thank you,

Daniel B. Langer
Associate Vice Chancellor & Controller (Interim)