New Assistant Director of Purchasing- Lyman Fuson

Lyman Fuson has accepted the Assistant Director of Purchasing position at UW-Madison.  This is the position I vacated when I moved to the Director position, on an interim basis in August 2016 and on a permanent basis in May.

Lyman has over seventeen years of experience in public sector procurement, contracting, collaborative leadership, and customer service.  He is currently serving as Section Chief for Purchasing and Distribution in the Bureau of Business Management at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.   Lyman worked previously at UW-Madison in a Contracting and Licensing Specialist role with DoIT, and has completed the Supply Chain Management Certificate from the University of Wisconsin Executive Education Program.

Many of you have been patient with us (and especially with me) as we’ve responded to questions and issues while this position remained vacant.    I appreciate your patience and support, and believe Purchasing Services has continued to serve our campus customers at a high level during a period with many changes in leadership position.  I am grateful to be part of such a dedicated and professional group at UW-Madison.

Lori Voss
Director, Purchasing