Showcase: An Spring Tradition at UW-Madison

Showcase will be taking place On March 21, 2018 at Union South. This is the annual event where colleagues from across the UW-Madison campus connect with each other to share best practices and innovative ideas. The Division of Business Services will again be well-represented, sharing results and advice from process improvement efforts in our division. Be sure to stop by and support your co-workers at their tables between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

Blast Off with Payment Upload!

Learn how payment uploads can be used to process qualified payments faster and more efficiently than completing individual Refund of Receipt (ROR), Direct Payment (DP), and Payment to Individual (PIR) Forms.

Mark Domaszek, Matthew Donovan and Denise McDearmon, all from Accounting Services, will be the presenters of this poster.

How to Process Payments to Students

A comprehensive guide on payments made to students at UW-Madison to improve compliance and consistency throughout campus.

This poster will be presented by members of the Student Payments Team

  • José Carus and Liv Goff from Accounting Services
  • Nicole Christianson, Fariba Kiani, Ginger Perkins, Laura Rader, and Tip Vandall from the Bursar’s Office
  • Karie Cunningham, Shane Maloney, and Stevi Parmentier from the Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Allison Niles, Office of Human Resources

John Jameson, Accounting Services, is serving as a consultant to Athletics for their poster on the implementation of ImageNow/Perceptive Content. Look for him too as he helps Athletics answer questions related to Accounts Payable.

Each poster represents the work of many people. Congratulations to all of you on successful outcomes to your continued hard work!