The Green Dot Program at UW-Madison

On Thursday, May 3, several Division of Business Services staff members attended an abbreviated session of the Green Dot program at UW-Madison. The EID Committee scheduled the session after they received a suggestion from a staff member. The Green Dot session provided staff with ways to prevent violence through bystander intervention.

What is Green Dot?

Preventing interpersonal violence through a comprehensive bystander intervention approach.  The program focuses on cultivating an environment where interpersonal violence will not be tolerated and everyone has a part in this effort.

“Traditional prevention programs may only approach men as potential perpetrators and women as potential victims. Green Dot approaches all students, staff, administrators, and faculty as allies. Green Dot relies on the premise that if everyone does their small part and commits to individual responsibility, the combined effect is a safe campus culture that is intolerant of violence.” -Green Dot (read more)

Victim Advocacy