May is Employee Health and Fitness Month

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, employers have seen a 52% increase in employee productivity due to health and wellness programs. Another report by Virgin HealthMiles adds to this information, discovering that 79.9% of employees whose employer offers a wellness program feel like their employer truly cares about them and are more likely to be top performers, produce higher quality work, and they are less likely to get sick, changes jobs, or be injured at work. So, we encourage you to join the global effort to encourage and support your employees’ health and wellness! Once a day-long observance has now expanded to an entire month because it is clear that healthy habits take time to develop. Consider some of the following:

  • Invite your employees to join you on walking meetings
  • Bring in healthy snacks
  • Encourage your employees to take breaks
  • Form a walking group, book club, or other similar interests group
  • Start or lead a stretching break for your employees to move, stretch, and de-stress
  • Ask your employees when they plan to take a vacation if they haven’t done so in awhile
  • Organize a team building activity that includes community service or volunteering
  • Start every meeting with a “mindful” meditation moment
  • Organize a day for de-cluttering and deep cleaning in the work area
  • Ask your employees to form a wellness committee to focus on wellness in the workplace even after the month is over (consult with Nicole Youngberg for support)
  • Attend and encourage your employees to participate in Bucky’s Workout.