Penny War 2018!!!

1..2..3..4.. I DECLARE PENNY WAR! 

This year’s Penny War will occur June 1 -June 30, 2018. All proceeds benefit the Second Harvest Foodbank of southern Wisconsin


Business Services has been divided into three equal teams:

  • Team Penny – Administration/CMCT, Risk Management, SWAP and MDS
  • Team Rudy – Bursar’s Office and Purchasing Services
  • Team Tia – Accounting Services

Each team will have a jar at each location (21 N. Park – Suite 5301 Reception Desk; 333 E. Campus Mall – Room 10501; 1061 Thousand Oaks Trail – Break Room 21).
Teams can gain points by adding pennies and bills to their team’s jar and lower other teams’ totals by adding silver coins to the other teams’ jars.

Pennies and bills

All pennies and bills ADD to the team’s total.

Pennies                +1 Point
$1 dollar                +100 Points
$5 dollars             +500 Points
$10 dollars           +1,000 Points
$20 dollars          +2,000 Points

Silver coins

All silver coins SUBTRACT from the team’s total.

Nickels                 -5 Points
Dimes                   -10 Points
Quarters              -25 Points

Goal: The team with the most points WINS!!!
Prize: Snack day provided by the two losing teams PLUS rights-for-a-year to the brand new Business Services Penny War Trophy!

Additional Details:

Donations will be counted every Monday by two Location Captains at each location.  The final count will be on Monday, July 2.  Team totals will be reported weekly by the Business Services Community Committee on the Business Services Intranet site.

All proceeds will benefit the Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin.  Our goal, division-wide, is to raise enough to “Adopt-A-Dairy-Cow” for one month.  Milk is a protein-rich product that rarely gets donated to Second Harvest.  On average, Second Harvest can only provide approximately 1/3 of the milk that is requested by their partner agencies.  We can donate one month’s worth of milk for $1,080 – that’s only $10/Business Services employee!!!

Download Flyer Here!