About the Administrative Services Unit

Administrative Services Unit (ASU) is your Human Resources and Payroll/ Benefits department and is located on the first floor of 21 N. Park St. Please stop in or call so we may assist you with your questions or concerns.

Please see the ASU team members below with contact information and areas of expertise.

  • Kathy Mather, Director, ASU
    Kathy leads the staff of ASU in the administration of policies, programs and procedures related to human resources, payroll and benefits, budget, workforce relations, training opportunities, performance management (PMDP), Total Title and Compensation Study, etc.
    Kathy may be reached at kathy.mather@wisc.edu or 263-2482.
  • Meghna Shah, HR Manager
    Meghna is the lead in providing HR support related to recruitment, classification, reclassification/promotion, pay adjustment, etc. Meghna is a Divisional Disability Representative (DDR) and the first point of contact for FMLA requests and concerns. Meghna can be reached at meghna.shah@wisc.edu or 263-2650.
  • Anne Yorde, Administrative/Hr Assistant
    Anne is the first line of contact when you visit ASU. Anne assists in HR including processing criminal background checks, processing I-9s, and is the main contact for student hiring and orientations. Anne can be reached at anne.bartholomew@wisc.edu or 263-3738.
  • Carl  DauSchmidt, Budget and Policy
    Carl provides budget information and financial analysis to some of the divisions we support. Carl assists with queries related to pay and processes fund transfers. Carl can be reached at carl.dauschmidt@wisc.edu or 263-2767.
  • Leticia Krumscheid, Payroll and Benefits
    Leticia processes payroll for the divisions we support. Leticia provides a brief new employee orientation including timesheet training. Leticia can be reached at leticia.krumscheid@wisc.edu or 265-3654. Please send Payroll/benefit questions or concerns to: asu.payrollbenefits@ohr.wisc.edu
  • Kyle Brown, Human Resources
    Kyle provides HR support related to recruitment, classification, reclassification/promotion, pay adjustments, etc. Kyle may also be contacted for student hire inquiries. Kyle can be reached at kyle.brown@wisc.edu or 262-9021.