Warning about Phishing attempts to UW-Madison community

Classes are back in session this week, which means that scammers are also back in full force. The Office of Cybersecurity has been alerted to several phishing attempts that have appeared on campus over the past weekend. Phishing is a form of social engineering where a scammer attempts to have you reveal personal financial or confidential information by posing as a reputable entity via an electronic communication.  They may even be attempting to load software on your device that will steal information.

Please be on the lookout for phishing attempts or other suspicious email and delete it immediately. Remember, the UW will never send an email message asking you to provide your password or NetID credentials.

If you recognize an email as an attempt to phish, you can report it to the Office of Cybersecurity at abuse@wisc.edu, or simply delete it and empty the trash.

Information about reporting phishing is available at Learn How to Recognize and Report Phishing guide on it.wisc.edu.

UW–Madison Office of Cybersecurity