Wigs, bright lights, and a bridge: Little Shop of Horror’s Tour Recap

A group of DoBS employees enjoyed a guided tour of the sets for Little Shop of Horrors and Six Characters in Search of an Author.  Robin Fisher of the Department of Theatre and Drama led the group through Vilas Hall with visits to various locations crucial to preparing for “lights up”.

Stops included the scenery shop, the wardrobe closet, a dressing room, a theater sound room and most exciting – a chance to walk the “bridge” above the Hemsley Theatre.

The group also learned a little bit about the history of the department and different types of theatres as well as fun tidbits and stories about unique items and locations along the tour.

Group consensus was that the tour was very interesting and students in the Theatre and Drama programs do a lot, with very little – so if you are interested in supporting campus productions you can view the University Theatre season schedule at www.arts.wisc.edu.

Thank you BSCC for coordinating another great opportunity to explore our campus!