Welcome Antonio and Kalai, PEOPLE Program Interns Joining Business Services June 17 – July 18, 2019

Antonio MoraMy name is Antonio Mora. I’m from Madison, Wisconsin. I go to Verona Area High School, which is the school district I have been a part of since kindergarten. My favorite sport is soccer, and I’ve played high school soccer every year. I also like to do active things such as running, biking and swimming. My family of five consists of my father and mother, (who are so encouraging and hardworking), and my fourteen year-old sister and eight year-old brother. I feel a need to set a good example for my brother and sister and help them in whatever they may need.

I started the PEOPLE Program the summer after sixth grade. Since then I’ve learned to not take things for granted and to truly take advantage of opportunities made available through the program. My sister applied for this program, but was not accepted; and although she was not accepted, she keeps moving forward. That’s something that really motivates me to keep going as well.

I’ve learned from a variety of fields. Some of the things I’ve learned have to do with what is inside a computer and how it works, I’ve also learned about engineering and the human body. I’m interested in learning more about business, as I’ve always been pretty good with numbers and I think something related to accounting may interest me. I’d like to figure out if it is something I would truly enjoy and/or what other options there are in fields related to accounting. I’m looking forward to learning about different careers and how each one is unique. I’m looking forward to working with professionals, as this is something no high school course can give me. I’m also excited to figure out what career I’d like to pursue or at least narrow down my options.

Hello! I’m Kalai Xiong. I was born and raised in the city of Milwaukee. Hobbies of mine include crafting and hands-on projects. I’m the eldest out of my five siblings. Since I’m the eldest, I’m held accountable for many responsibilities. Many people would describe me as mature, quiet and organized.

One of my greatest achievements so far is being a part of the PEOPLE Program. I’ve been a part of the program since my freshman year in high school. The PEOPLE Program has given me an advantage in my academics by providing ACT prep classes and extra courses to strengthen my knowledge. I am proud to say that I am a part of the PEOPLE Program because of the diversity and dedication the program has for its students.

I am interested in business because I believe that the jobs that are offered in that field are best suited for me. I’ve always envisioned myself working in an office at my own pace. I believe that going into business would be a good match for me.

For the next five weeks, I’m most interested in learning and understanding how the different Business Services departments function together and how they operate on their own. I’m most excited to shadow people who are professionals in this field and observe what they do daily. Out of this experiment, I would like to gain a better idea of which department I would best be suited for if I decide to pursue a career in business.