Student Spotlight: From High School Intern to Student Employee

Note: This is a new feature that invites everyone to submit short articles about our current student employees. When you learn something interesting about a student, please write it up and send it to Dawn with a picture! Alternatively, let Dawn know of any student you think should be interviewed for an article.

The Division of Business Services currently employs 45 amazing students. One of them is Bobbie Egeston who has worked in Accounts Payable since May 2019. Bobbie is a PEOPLE Program Scholar, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Planning. She is on track to graduate in May 2021. Her first experience in Accounting Services was during her PEOPLE Program Internship the summer of 2016.

The PEOPLE Program sets out to give traditionally underserved populations a fair chance at college admission to UW-Madison as well as other schools in the UW System and Madison College. More than 1,100 PEOPLE Program students have received college degrees from UW-Madison. Bobbie, now going into her junior year here at the UW, has participated in the PEOPLE Program since she was in 6th grade. During her time as a pre-college student member, she took classes on campus every summer, attended tutoring sessions every week, and prepared for taking the ACT. “I had so much fun on campus during the summer. We got to take fun classes while we were down here and I learned a lot.” The summer before her senior year of high school, Bobbie was a PEOPLE Program intern here in Business Services. She remembers being overwhelmed and nervous about the internship, but the welcome she received made the experience very enjoyable. When asked what she remembers most about her internship in Accounting Services, she said, “My favorite part was just being able to meet so many new people, and everyone was so nice that it made it a lot of fun for me.” Now in her role as a PEOPLE Program Scholar, Bobbie must attend regular meetings, maintain her GPA, and be a mentor to incoming students. She also serves on the advisory board. The PEOPLE Program is something that all of us in Business Services should be proud to have a small part in, as it allows for so many bright students, like Bobbie, an opportunity for higher education.

Written by Logan Knecht