Do You Have Suggestions for Improving the VCFA EID Survey ?

Since 2012, the Office of Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA) has conducted an Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) survey every two years. Each division then uses their survey results to develop an action plan for making improvements in the workplace. The newly launched FAN Mail recognition program is an example of survey responses → plan → action in the Division of Business Services.

The original survey questions were written by the VCFA EID Council in 2011 with great care to ensure that:

  1. Measurable and meaningful responses would be solicited
  2. All three topics of engagement, inclusion and diversity would be addressed (which makes this survey somewhat unique among employee surveys)
  3. The questions would withstand the test of time so that responses could be used as benchmarks from survey to survey.

Over the years, revisions have been made as deemed an improvement by the Survey Coordinator and the VCFA EID Council.

With the 2020 VCFA EID Survey slated to go out in February 2020, the Survey Coordinator is now soliciting feedback regarding the survey questions. All Business Services personnel are invited to review the 2018 survey HERE and offer suggestions for improvement.

It is not a goal to create a new survey, but instead to:

  • Improve wording on any questions that are unclear
  • Remove questions that do not add value
  • Add questions where an information gap is identified

If you have ideas for improving the survey, could you please enter them HERE? This tool will be open through September 25, 2020. You will not be asked to provide your name and accessing this survey does not require entering your NetID/password. Your feedback is valued and appreciated!