Student Spotlight: Meet Bella at the Barre

It is apparent that there are talents among student employees at the Division of Business Services; however, some of these talents go beyond spreadsheets and specializations. Meet Bella Zimmer who works in the Gifts Management area of Accounting Services. Bella is an accounting student with plans to graduate this upcoming spring. Although she likes to consider herself as your typical undergrad, Bella holds a great talent that she keeps under wraps.

It was at the age of three years old that Bella began tightening ribbons and rehearsing eight counts in pursuit of becoming a dancer. What started as ballet practice morphed into modern, jazz and even hip/hop routines! Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, Bella became highly invested in her pastime. She came to appreciate the ability to continually grow in her sport and soon became focused on fine-tuning the overlooked technicalities of dance. When Bella came to college she knew that a dance major wasn’t for her; however, after some time away from her passion, Bella couldn’t give up dance. By incorporating dance back into her college schedule, Bella felt more control, less stress, and heightened creativity in all aspects of her life. Today, Bella is still learning new dance routines with ballroom, floor-barre, and even tai ji being her latest pursuits.

Dance has also allowed Bella to develop leadership skills. She was president of her dance organization and has mentored children, similar to how she was mentored by her own instructors. Bella noted that the confidence she acquired in dance directly translated to her personal, academic, and professional life. Working in Gift Management, Bella facilitates lengthy projects that can’t be finished in a day or even a week’s time. Dance taught Bella that endeavors like this require patience, endurance, and the acknowledgment that the end result may not be perfect. She even went as far as to say that, “Perfection is a limitation.”

Bella serves as a reminder for each and every one of us to exploit our passions and pastimes for all that they are. The Division of Business Services is lucky to have Bella as a member of our team and looks forward to her continued success here at UW-Madison and beyond.

Written by Samuel Peterson