Omar Siddiqi named new Assistant Director of Cash Management & Financial Control

Image of Omar Siddiqi
Omar Siddiqi

I’m pleased to announce Omar Siddiqi will be joining the Division of Business Services as Assistant Director of Cash Management & Financial Control leading the Division’s qualified and professional Cash Management team.  Omar started on January 22.

Omar’s prior experience includes supervisory and financial accounting management, analysis and reporting, including various capital management, cash flow activities for health care-related institutions in Canada the most recent six years, preceded by five years of audit and accounting roles at Deloitte and Baker Tilly.

Omar is both a credentialed Chartered Professional Accountant and a Chartered Accountant and earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.  Omar’s desire to relocate from Toronto to Madison is inspired by his wife’s pursuit of her UW-Madison medical residency.

In recognition of Susie’s dedicated Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) involvement for the next year, Omar will formally and administratively report to the AVC/Controller with Susie available as practical in a supporting role.

Daniel B. Langer
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller