WiGROW: Guided Reflection on Work for Students

Business Services is fortunate to have 48 student employees currently on our team. Most are business-related majors, but a sprinkling of music education, occupational rehab, biology/pharmacy, retail and consumer behavior majors bring welcome variety. These students work side-by-side with our full-time employees performing critical business functions and providing exemplary customer service. A team of 22 student supervisors hire, onboard, and mentor these students – with much help from everyone else in their units.

Since 2014, Business Services has participated in UW-Madison’s WiGROW Program. This program provides structure for student supervisors to:

  • Get to know the student employees better
  • Learn about students’ progress toward career goals
  • Help identify in-demand transferrable skills
  • Answer questions, offer resources and life lessons

Each Spring and each Fall, supervisors meet with students to have WiGROW conversations which focus on the students’ college experiences and career plans. It’s a break from routine work that provides a unique opportunity for students and supervisors to learn from each other. WiGROW conversations will be taking place February 15th through March 15th in Business Services this semester. And then, Spring Break will be here!