COVID Update


As it’s late on a Sunday afternoon and the reaction to COVID-19 concerns are evolving relatively rapidly, I thought it helpful to send a brief update.  It is appearing more and more likely preparation for telecommuting plans are appropriate. The intent would be to conduct operations with as little face-to-face contact as possible.  It probably goes without saying that if you have, or have been potentially exposed, to the virus, please follow communicated protocols.

Further, in the very near future, it may be highly likely that core functions be delivered only with essential personnel.  There is a potential this will go into effect in coming days, whether due to more identified COVID-19 cases on campus, because fewer colleagues are available to work due to school closures, or because of growing health concerns.  Reduced operations may occur for the entire university, or only for some buildings/units.

Members of the Division leadership team spoke as a team this morning.  There was agreement that, should we shift to a telecommuting situation, teams will, at a minimum, institute a daily checkpoint protocol.  There was also agreement that the priorities are to have the resources to acquire and deliver resources needed by the campus community, address employee related reported cases through risk management and ensure effective controls in support of ongoing cash handling (receipt and disbursement) activities.

That said, executive leadership clearly recognizes that circumstances may require non-essential employees who do not have telecommuting capabilities may be impacted.  Leadership has been working through the weekend on proposed guidance.  Please note that the guidance the University is developing would be pending approval through state leadership channels.

Note that you will shortly be asked to verify your contact information is current.  Also, protocols are being developed to have available schedule information should telecommuting require rotational assignments of select individuals to provide services at Verona Operations, 21 N. Park and 333 East Campus Mall.

If you receive this message and know of individuals who do not have on-line access, would you please assist in sharing this information?

I remain very appreciative of the collegial community for which I am affiliated and confident with frank and honest communication, inquiry and transparency, we will work through this unique set of circumstances together, addressing individual challenges this situation will likely impose on members of the team.

Thank you,

Daniel Langer

Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller