Division Operations Update

Division Team,

Recently shared with campus was correspondence from the Chancellor regarding phase I return directed towards the research enterprise.  https://research.wisc.edu/reboot-phase1/

Your Unit Leaders and I are sincerely sensitive to the challenges of the extended length of time for which we have been telecommuting as well as related challenges it likely presents for you depending on your personal circumstances.

There continues to be accessibility to the Division’s three facility locations for only limited work activities.  This is not changing in the near term.  Any individuals with plans to work from campus facilities in a given week are required to seek pre-approval from their supervisor via email and cc the Unit Leader and me.  For those planning to work at 21 N. Park, Matt Hanson should also be informed via matthew.j.hanson@wisc.edu.

It’s important for the Division to set the example for social distancing, respectful Risk Management and minimizing risk to employee’s is a core service of our Division.

Employees who have been working remotely should continue to do so until instructed otherwise. The Executive Committee and EOC leadership will provide more details and instruction about future phases within the next few weeks.

Should you have any questions regarding this please let me know.

Thank you,

Daniel B. Langer
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller