Former Student Employee Spotlight: James Vandenberg Is Still on Campus

James worked as a student employee in the Financial Reporting, Analysis and Systems area of Accounting Services from May 2018 until March 2020 when COVID changed our workplace. He graduated a couple of months later with his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance, Investment and Banking. He had no firm plans at that time, but he was eager to explore employment opportunities that would utilize his knowledge and skills.

After enjoying a post-graduation summer in Madison (golfing, running, time on the Terrace), James landed a job on campus in the Department of Integrative Biology, College of Letters and Science. As a Financial Specialist Advanced, he is the department’s lead purchaser of supplies and equipment, assigning funding to transactions, and reallocating expenses. He started this week, working remotely for now, and when we all return to campus, he will be working in Noland Hall.

James recently wrote, “My role in Accounting Services definitely helped me get this job since I was able to talk about my experience with university funding strings and software. That has allowed me to enter my role with a strong base of knowledge.” This is a great reminder of the value of our student jobs, and the positive impact that supervisors and co-workers have on our student employees.

Congratulations and good luck to James! He knows that he can count on his friends in Business Services if he has questions or needs some assistance. If you would like to send James a congratulatory message, his email address is