Personnel Changes at Verona Operations

We are excited to announce numerous personnel changes that have taken place over the past several months at Verona Operations.

Tom Erickson accepted the Driver Supervisor position on May 13, 2021, leaving vacant his former position of ICC-Advanced at MDS. As of July 21, the vacancy left by his promotion has been backfilled by Cassie Schick, who previously served as ICC with SWAP.

Additional changes within SWAP, effective August 1, 2021, include advancement to ICC-Advanced title for Neil Ruppert and Ben Wallin, who have assumed additional responsibilities related to the online auction and the receiving/triage of surplus materials.  The changes within MDS allow the group to operate with full staffing according to current plans and the advancements in SWAP were important in distributing workloads to increase operational efficiencies.

Additionally, as of July 1, 2021, Casey Wampler has been permanently assigned to ShopUW+ as System Administrator. His new position was moved to the Division of Information Technology (DoIT)’s Enterprise Business Systems group and he now reports to Tammie Hodgson.  As part of this change, Joan Reed now reports to Dan Purcell.