Spring 2022 student employee care package success!

Spring of 2022 once again saw the return of the student employees exam week care packages. The entire Business Services Community Committee (BSCC) cast was in on the act of stuffing bags with such treats like Slim Jim’s, Rice Krispies Treats, Cheetos, Popcorn, and we even managed to get a lot of healthy snacks, bars, and drinks. Extra gifts like recorders, and cool fun pencils and pens completed the perfect study goody bag.

None of this is possible without the very generous donations from everyone in Business Services. No doubt the students will be well nourished as they finish out their exams and think about the upcoming summer break. Thank you to all contributors and helpers!

Photo collage of the various components of the student employee exam week care packages and the assembly process by BSCC members. A couple dozen of paper grocery bags have student names and a sign reading "Keep Calm and Study On" on the front.