Business Services Helps Students at the McFarland Reality Zone

Dan Langer and Lori Tascher at the McFarland Reality Zone

Lori Tascher, MDS, and Dan Langer did not know they would be spending time together, but that is what they did Tuesday as they joined a group of volunteers at the McFarland High School Reality Zone..

The Reality Zone was established several years ago to help educate juniors at McFarland about personal financial management. Students started the morning by selecting a profession and being provided a family size, marital status and annual income. The Reality Zone then rotated them among various “life” stations to make decisions on how to use their funds.

Lori played the role of a gasoline supplier and Dan portrayed an auto dealer. They noticed the majority of students bought lower priced, used cars. Unfortunately, there were a couple students (including a Porsche buyer) who ended up coming back to the station to get refunds and make different selections.

Feedback from the students was that it was a great, interactive learning experience. The volunteers thought it was a lot of fun and enjoyed a little professional networking.