Student Spotlight: Congratulations,Max!

Max Zogg began his student employment in Marketing, Communications and Training (now Content Management, Communications, and Training) as a freshman in October 2016. With an interest in Accounting, he saw this as an opportunity to become familiar with the units and their functions within Business Services. From the start, his hope and plan was to move into a student position in Accounting Services. This past year, Max was accepted into the Wisconsin School of Business, and he declared Accounting as his major. Early in October of this year, Max agreed to fill a temporary student position in Accounts Payable, thus executing his plan to move into Accounting Services. Although the move was initially a temporary one, Liv Goff announced this week that he will be staying in Accounts Payable as a student employee in a continuing position. We wish Max well in the coming year as he learns all he can in Accounts Payable before looking for a student learning/employment opportunity in another Accounting Services unit in the Fall of 2018.