Accounts Payable Welcomes Karyn Schroeder

Karyn Schroeder
Karyn Schroeder

We are excited to announce that Karyn Schroeder has joined the Accounting Services team in Accounts Payable on Monday, January 8th. She will be a purchase order auditor for vendors’ names that start with T-Z and #’s.

Karyn brings over 10 years of experience with Athletics in the Development Office (which is the fundraising arm for athletics) working with gifts from donors. She entered over 14,000 gifts last year. She likes to go to Badger games and roots for the Packers and is an avid reader.

Karyn is located at 21 N. Park, Suite 5317A. Her contact information is:

Please make time to welcome Karyn with an email, phone call, or stopping by to say hello.