Training for Business Services Personnel

Here are three important training items to be aware of.  I’ll be brief as each has additional explanation/details on an attachment or at a link.

  1. Applications now being accepted from Academic Staff for professional development grants. These are for attending events July 1-Dec 31, 2018.  More info here:
  2. New electronic training/conference form now replacing the old paper form. (Although the paper form will continue to be available on the intranet for supervisors to print for employees without computers.)  The new form allows for paperless routing, notifications and cost approvals.  Supervisors are encouraged to direct employees to complete the brief form (takes less than one minute) for attendance at all Why?  A) It will trigger an email reminder to supervisors/directions indicating when the employee will be in training; 2) Attendance is logged in a local professional development report that can be viewed anytime by employees/supervisors on request.  Reminder: Prior to registering for any event and completing the form, employees must discuss attendance with supervisor and get verbal approval See the first attachment for more information about the new form and electronic process.  The new form is also accessible from the intranet under, “Forms.”
  3. Upcoming campus trainings. The second attachment is a list of upcoming free/low-cost training and events offered on campus.  There are new trainings available that sound interesting.  Highlights:
  • Hostile and Intimidating Behavior
  • Effective Emails – Fundamentals in Business Writing*
  • Design for Plain Language*
  • Personal Resiliency and Accountability*
  • Presentation Skills for Leaders*
  • Running Effective Meetings*
  • UW-Madison Employee Career Conference
  • Showcase 2018

If you see anything of interest on the list,

  1. Discuss with your supervisor (verbal approval from your supervisor is required for attendance at all events during work hours)
  2. Complete the new form if directed to do so by your supervisor (
  3. Register

Currently, seats are still available for all events listed on this attachment, but those above with asterisks (as well as any in the Thrive series) will fill up very quickly.

Please let me know if you have questions or if I can assist in any way.

Dawn Rekoske
Training Coordinator
Content Management, Communications, and Training