FP&M, MDS, and Purchasing Services collaborate to reduce university costs.

During the spring and summer months of 2018,  staff from Materials Distribution Services (MDS) and Purchasing Services collaborated with Facilities Planning and Management(FP&M) to convert all custodial operations inventories into the MDS Core Stock program.  These products were historically purchased independently by FP&M, stored in a vendor-owned and rented warehouse, and redelivered to campus by FP&M staff a few times per week.

“Bringing these inventories into the core stock program allows them to be ordered and managed by MDS staff and delivered daily by MDS drivers,” says Lori Voss, Director of Purchasing Services.

Annual cost savings exceeding $80,000 are expected to result from this change, which met the Division of Business Services’ Strategic Goal for FY18-20 to ” Eliminate duplication of services related to  warehouse and logistic operations.”   The team celebrated this major achievement with a breakfast meeting on October 11, 2018. This meeting also included a special presentation for the Partner in Giving Campaign