Student Spotlight: One of Our Longest-Term Student Hires

Image of Emily Hoffman
Emily Hoffman

Yes… That’s a lab coat. Meet Emily Hoffman, Student Lead at Bursar’s Office and Student Ambassador in the School of Pharmacy. Emily has proven her uniqueness in many ways, but today she shines for her dedication and commitment to the Bursar’s Office, claiming the title as our current longest-term student hire. Six years in the making, Emily wanted to share what her time at Madison and within the Bursar’s Office has taught her.

Niece of a pharmacist and daughter of two Badger alumni, Emily has known what she wanted to be and where she wanted to go for a long time. A curiosity for medicine and a passion for math, science, and helping others led to the perfect concoction for an aspiring pharmacy student.

 Three years into her education at Madison, Emily was admitted to the School of Pharmacy. She reflected on how Organic Chemistry, the supposed “weed out” class of the chemistry school, was indeed a pivotal class over her collegiate career. “It’s definitely a challenging course… but it was good” as it set her up with the rigor required to compete in the world of healthcare.  

 Over the years at UW, Emily didn’t want to spend her free time as a typical pharmacy technician at Walgreens. She wanted to separate herself from other pharmacy students in a new way—not in clubs and not at work. How you ask? Emily decided she wanted to manage the UW Men’s Soccer team. For three years Emily took on the role and loved every part of it. It was the perfect fit, as she had been playing soccer since the age of three. 

Emily offers this advice to those who are in the midst of their education, “I think overcoming the mentality that you have to be perfect, when you don’t always need to be, is important. There are other things that reflect your character and how smart you are than just your grades.” She also reaches out to all future graduate students looking to continue their education, “I love Madison, but I kind of wish I had gone somewhere else for grad school”. Her reasoning has to do mainly with the inclement weather. And who can blame her? Her final words to fellow students and student employees, “Enjoy it, undergrad went incredibly fast, college is great. Don’t stress about the unimportant things.”

 Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. What has kept Emily Hoffman at Bursar’s Office for so long? The secret is simple, “The people.” Emily explained that everyone there has always made her feel comfortable and welcomed, and so she continues to extend the same decorum to newcomers and veterans alike. She also describes how Bursar’s is an escape from the world of medicine and lets her exploit some of her other skills in communication and customer service.

For now, Emily plans to do her fourth-year rotation next year in Milwaukee and then she hopes to head into inpatient hospital pharmacy or ambulatory (outpatient) care for her residency, hopefully located somewhere warmer than Wisconsin.

It is with the utmost gratitude that the Division of Business Services and Bursar’s Office says, “Thank you” to Emily Hoffman for her dedication to our division’s mission and purpose. We wish her prosperity and warm weather wherever life takes her next.

Written by Samuel Peterson