Divisional Update 3.20.20


It has been and active, challenging and diverse week to say the least.  First am hopeful everyone has their health and have been able to start figuring out ways to become familiar with this new normal.  It is likely to be for some number of days, at a minimum.

I had a chance to have several informal “check-ins” with some members of the Division team during the week and was consistently struck by the generally positive enthusiasm to do what can be done to continue to contribute.  Enjoyably, since all contacts are WebEx, I got to chat with some kids, meet some pets and got to see some of your work spaces you have setup.

Please know it is sincerely appreciated how challenging and stressful this situation can be and don’t hesitate to extend an invitation to a colleague for a WebEx just to chat like you would if stopping by their work station, that is if you have the technology.  If you don’t have the technology to use WebEx, there may be resources to help; no guarantees, but we can try to help so please let me know.

I prefer to refer to this as physical distancing, not social distancing.  Even I need social interaction and it’s encouraged.

Your colleagues and other resources are available in support of all of us persevering for the benefit of the institution.  There have been many key contributions this team has made just this week in purchasing, logistics, risk management, getting bills paid, handling incoming cash, addressing travel challenges, handling student matters, accommodating home working while adequately knowing where peripherals are going, communicating and supporting the needs of buildings, just to name some.

Sincere thanks to all of you.  If interested, the Division web site has been updated to include how to handle activities with the Division during these telecommuting days.  If you have information to add, please sent it to Bradley Thomas https://businessservices.wisc.edu/.

Also, if you have Division colleagues who don’t have email, if you don’t have a way to get them information, would you please let your supervisor know and we will try to help.

Thank you and hope you have an opportunity to recharge this weekend.


Daniel B. Langer

Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller
Division of Business Services