Our 2021 Participation in the PEOPLE Program

On July 12, 2021, the Division of Business Services participated in the PEOPLE Program’s College and Career Kickstart Program by offering a 75-minute session with business professionals from our team. The 27 PEOPLE students in the Zoom meeting just completed their junior year of high school and indicated interest in learning more about careers in business and law. They had opportunities to ask our panelists questions before, during and after the session. Examples of their questions:

  • How do you keep yourself organized?
  • Why did you choose XYZ profession?
  • What are the staff like in Business Services?
  • Are there professors at UW-Madison who you recommend?
  • What purchasing rules often don’t get followed?
  • What are some of the University’s most interesting purchases?

The purpose of the session was to foster learning about career opportunities in business and specifically at UW-Madison. Panel members talked about what they do at the University. Students responded by saying they hadn’t realized these jobs existed on campus. Mission accomplished.

Many thanks to our Business Services team members for preparing for and presenting at the session:

  • Bobbie Egeston, Disbursements
  • Meghann Grove, Travel and Cards
  • Tricia Johnson, Financial Information Management
  • Jeff Karcher, Risk Management
  • Dan Langer, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business Services/Controller
  • Sarah Martin, Purchasing Services
  • Imad Mouchayleh, Financial Internal Control Advisory Services

View their bio handout.