Business Services volunteers at the Reality Zone program!

Lori Taschwer, Dan Langer and William Lietz volunteer at the McFarland School Reality Zone

Some members of the Business Services team volunteered at McFarland High Schools annual Reality Zone program for Juniors the other day.  The goal is to help the students understand the challenges of managing finances when they are in the working world.  The Junior class includes 190 students and each student is identified with a profile based on information they complete.  The profile has them in their mid 20’s, with kids and single or married and they are given a monthly income.  They then circulate to various stations to pay taxes, get a home or apartment, buy a car, buy gas, etc..  Having done this for a few years it continues to be fascinating to experience the students through the course of the morning.

Some originally buy more high priced and have to come back for refunds and a lower priced choice.  It’s a lot of laughs and a great opportunity to interact with these soon to be graduates.