Enhancements and Changes Coming to AIMS Ticketing System

We are sending this notice to all AIMS Customers.

We are excited to announce that AIMS is moving to a new help desk ticketing system to help us serve you better. The transition is happening on Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:15 AM. The biggest change you will notice is that when you contact the Help Desk, you will now get an email notification that looks like the attachment. There will also be email notifications when the ticket is resolved.

How you contact us stays the same:

Although most of the changes are behind the scenes for now, more exciting changes will be coming over the next two months. For example, we will be launching a self-service portal where you can get helpful information, log a ticket, or see the status of your open tickets.

We are very excited about these changes aimed at serving you better.

Example of New AIMS Help Desk Automated Communication